About Us

Jonsson Quarter Horses is a family owned business and breeding program operated by me, Silja Krisin Jonsson…

The “SK” breeding vision is to produce a strong, willing, conformationally correct, kind, talented, all-around, three event [cow horse, cutting and reining] horse. We hope to produce quality offspring that can, and will, excel in any western performance horse discipline. We are focusing on strong maternal bloodlines in our program and own horses by some of the best sires in the industries. The SK initials in any AQHA registered horse should indicate quality, not quantity, and we aim to bring our program to a higher level for each generation…

I am a 24 years young reindeer herder and together with my family, we live in the north part of Sweden. We have owned & raised AQHA performance horses since 2012. After almost five years in the business I’ve gained much knowledge about the equine industry and especially the three major western events [cutting, cowhorse and reining]. Numerous trips to the U.S. have helped give me a strong foundation to build a solid program around. However, I stay humble, and believe that there will always be more to learn. I strongly believe in the term ‘horsemanship’ and I strive to become a better horse[wom]man every day. I make it my mission to offer the best quality care possible for our loving family members.

Genetics and breeding have always been a great passion of mine, but that shouldn’t come as a surprised as we’ve raised reindeer for all my life, and many generations before that as well. Breeding horses is a responsibility I don’t take lightly, each combination of
individuals is as important as the other. When combining two horses I consider
conformation, mind, trainability, talent, temperament and looks. Not always is the highest
money earner/producer going to be the best choice for my mare, sometimes it’s the junior
stallion that I think should be the best match for what I aim to produce. My goal is that each
generation should improve with time…

“I hope to produce a great minded individual that is suitable for any and all three western disciplines.”

I realize that the market in Europe is somewhat limited compared to the one in the U.S.A. and sometimes the general quality of horses might reflect this. But I don’t care, I will run my own race, and I will continue to breed for the American standards. I hope to produce big time money earners despite my location, individuals with talent enough to earn money in the big arenas. I know the road to success is going to be long, but I’m determent to make it and won’t rest until I’ve accomplished my goals.. I’m looking forward to many, many years in this industry…


How it all started:
Back in 2010 I visited Texas for the first time, than I got introduced to cutting horses. I immediately knew that this type of horse is the one I want to own; smart, athletic and genuine were three words that came in mind. I went home, did my research, and started saving money. Two years after I bought my first mare, DMAC Delta Dawn, from South Dakota, USA. She was bred to Snackbox and in 2013 she foaled a sorrel filly that we call Candy [SK Candybox]. These two are, and will always be, the cornerstone of our program. I truly believe that good mentality and conformation makes a great horse, and I couldn’t have asked for better horses to build a program around.