JQH News

Insemination #3

Today our vet. in the States sent me a message and told me that our mare Smart Kachina Tag has been inseminated to NRHA Million Dollar Sire SPOOKS GOTTA GUN!!! This is very exciting for sure… Keeping all fingers and toes crossed!!!

Insemination #2

Today our mare DMAC Delta Dawn was inseminated with the help of cooled semen imported from Italy. We are extremely excited about this combination which should produce an excellent and versatile prospect!

Breeding Station: USA

There is A LOT going on now here at JonssonQH! And of course, we like it! 😀 Our new broodmare Smart Kachina Tag has been dropped off at the breeding station in USA earlier today. She will be bred to Spooks Gotta Gun for 2018! Next spring should be very exciting for sure!

Insemination #1

Yay! Today our SK Candybox was inseminated with the helped of frozen semen imported from the U.S.A.! We can’t wait to see if she’s in foal or not, keeping all fingers crossed for happy results! If a 2018 foal is produced, it will be a THIRD generation JonssonQH!!!


It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT that our family is introducing a new broodmare to our herd; Smart Kachina Tag!!

We have been looking to ad another mare to this program for several months… I looked all over the U.S.: searching for “the right one” but with no luck… Until I saw this mare!

“For every day that passed, I got more anxious. I didn’t find one good mare that I thought would suit this program AND the breeding to Spooks Gotta Gun at the same time. But than, when the opportunity presented itself, we made the decision to purchased this mare in a heartbeat. I feel confident that this wonderful mare will fit us and our program perfectly. She is currently located in the U.S. and will remain there until her 2017 filly is weaned off her. In the meantime, she will be bred to Spooks Gotta Gun for a 2018 foal. We will be keeping all fingers crossed for a successful breeding! I am so thankful for everyone that helped making this deal happen! I feel truly blessed..
-Silja Jonsson

More information about the amazing pedigree behind this mare will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Drop off –

This weekend we dropped off our mares SK Candybox and DMAC Delta Dawn at the breeding station. It was a CRAZY long ride of 13.5 hours, we loaded off the horses four times during this drive to let them stretch their legs…

We miss both Dixie and Candy like crazy already, it’s going to be a long wait and we can only hope for some positive results from here..